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Roller Blinds

Sunscreen Roller Blinds are a beautiful, modern and affordable window covering. They are a great choice for your Melbourne home or office.


Sunscreen Roller Blinds come with either a standard chain pull, the modern motorised operation or the old-fashioned spring operation.
A1blinds have been manufacturing sunscreen window blinds in Melbourne since 1958.
Custom made to enhance the visual beauty of your rooms. We only use the best quality components for all our blinds. They are built to perform and last many years.

  • 7-year guarantee
  • Made to order in Melbourne
  • Manufacturing sunscreen roller blinds since 1958.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Somfy Partner – World leaders in manufacturing sunscreen roller blind motors.

Still the most affordable way to decorate a window

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Product Gallery

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image of sunscreen roller blinds Melbourne
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Sunscreen Roller Blinds

A1blinds has the one of largest selection of internal roller blinds. We are one of the few companies left who manufacture sunscreen roller blinds Melbourne. We offer a huge and customisable range including, white, black, indoor, mesh and more. As a manufacturer we have the capability to provide fast lead times and the flexibility to fit into your requirements.

Sunscreen Roller Blinds Options

Scroll down to see a selection of the types of sunscreen roller blinds we have available and can personalised to your room specifications.

Note: We have many options available which our sales rep will be able to assist you with, or contact us here.

image of sunscreen roller blinds Melbourne

Indoor Sunscreen Roller Blinds

They can also be found all over Melbourne. You will find them in homes, schools, libraries, offices ect. They are one of the best options for reducing the Melbourne summer heat, keeping privacy and looking stylish at the same time.

White Sunscreen Roller Blinds

These are some of the more common options of sunscreen roller blinds. The white colour matches everything, provides a feeling of space, deflects the sunlight and of course prevents people from seeing inside the room.

image of black sunscreen blinds

Black Sunscreen Roller Blinds

We have a range of different black sunscreen roller blinds. The range available comes in black, dark grey, charcoal to jet-black. These will be available to see in our catalogue of swatches.

image of mesh sunscreen Blinds

Sunscreen Mesh Blinds

You may have heard the name sunscreen mesh blinds before. This is simply another name used. The fabric used to make the blinds is woven. It leaves very tiny open holes. This type of fabric can also be referred to as mesh.

What Is a Sunscreen Roller Blind?

A sunscreen roller blind is a type of blind that has an open weave fabric and is used to cover windows in your home or office. Sunscreen roller blinds are also referred to as sunscreen roller blinds, mesh blinds or indoor sunscreen roller blinds. They are an excellent option in Melbourne if you are looking for privacy, UV and heat protection during the day. They have a beautiful and modern look about them. Sunscreen materials are made from a combination of PVC and Polyester. As an open weave they create a one-way vision allowing seeing out during the day, but not in during the night and visa-versa. Sunscreen roller blinds offer an affordable yet modern solution to both heat and light control and privacy.

With a side chain to operate the blinds up or down they are very easy to operate. (Motorisation also available)
Rather than rating in terms of blockout, sunscreen roller blinds are rated in terms of openness and will vary between 3% openness to 7% openness. Openness describes the amount of light and vision available.

Why Choose Sunscreen Roller blinds? 

You would choose Sunscreen Roller blinds? Because they are still the most cost effective window covering on the market and are available in many different colours. Sunscreen roller blinds are easy to use and operate. They have the option to almost blockout the heat and light or allow varying degrees of light while still allowing privacy and a view.

  • Still the most cost-effective window covering available.
  • Big range of colours to suit all decor.
  • Easy to operate
  • Maintenance free
  • Helps to save on heating and cooling costs
  • Privacy during the day
  • One way view
  • Protects against harmful UV sunlight
  • Provides a modern look

Fabric Options

We use vivid shade which is a sunscreen fabric used for Roller Blinds. Vivid Shade fabric allows you to see out, but not see in during the day. It has what they call an openness of 5%. 


When it comes to the colours of our blinds, we have hundreds to choose from. Available in a wide range of colours and finishes and with our extensive range of fabrics, you’ll be certain to find what you’re looking for. A1blinds professional sales reps provide a sunscreen roller blinds colour-swatch for you to view during the free quote. We find this is the best method as colours vary from different online viewing display screens. Customer satisfaction is paramount to us, so we make sure you get to choose from an extensive range.

Size Guide

Sunscreen roller blinds are made to measure; therefore we cannot provide exact specifications and pricing online. Once an appointment has been made with one of the A1blinds reps in Melbourne. They will run through the sizing options available with you. There is a restriction on sizes blinds can be made. This is mainly due to the sizes of the material and this varies between ranges and suppliers.

Types of Sunscreen Roller Blind Operations Available

For ease of use, today’s sunscreen roller blinds are usually operated with a rotation chain. We also offer motorisation, which is an excellent option for high or hard to reach windows. If you want to match old blinds, we still have the old-fashioned spring operation available. There are five different choices available for sunscreen roller blind operations. The most popular is the chain operation, due to the ease of use and minimal complication. That being said each operation serves a purpose and we have all these available for you.

Standard Chain operation

A plastic or metal (stainless steel) chain is fitted at either end of the blinds called the rotation chain. By pulling down on either the front or the back of the chain allows the blinds to be raised or lowered.


Having a linked blinds operation method means more than one blind in a row, whereby they’re on the same control mechanism. Linking reduces the gaps between blinds from 35mm to 20mm.

Dual Blinds

Where privacy can be a problem or greater protection from the sun is needed use our dual option. This option allows a block-out blind to be installed with the Sunscreen Roller Blind. This is where both blockout and Sunscreen roller blinds are installed onto a common bracket which allows the blockout blinds to be pulled down when privacy and light block is required and the sunscreen to be pulled down when only privacy is required.

Spring operation

The spring operation sunscreen roller blind if considered very old school and hardly used. The blind is under tension, to operate, the blind is pulled down by hand, once at the right height hold, slightly release the pressure and the spring will lock into position. To lift, pull down slightly to release the locking mechanism and the tension will automatically want to lift the blinds. Continue holding the base until it’s lifted to the desired height.


For ease and simplicity of use, motorise your blind. A1 Blinds motorised sunscreen roller blinds are wired by our “A” grade electricians. They come with a certification that is your guarantee all workmanship complies with Australian standards. They come with an options switch, remote or wifi. We use only Somfy motors, Somfy are a French company with a reputation as one of the best manufacturers of Blinds & Awning motors around the world. All our quotes include the electrician (Most companies don’t and consumers have to find their own electrician).

Roller Blinds are still one of the most practical and value for money window coverings available today.

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