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Cellular Blinds

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The unique structure of the Cellular Blind means that air is trapped in the honeycomb cells which means you are able to keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Cellular Blinds have superior energy efficiency, durability and are a fantastic modern alternative to Roller Blinds.

Cellular Blinds are great for a 'light filtering' effect, and also come in blockout cell with the alternative for either single or double cell styles. The light filtering range will maintain your complete privacy, whilst offering a subtle light inside your home during the day. Blockout Cellular Blinds will provide you with a complete room darkening solution and will offer increased energy efficiency.

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Over 30% of heat can be gained during summer, as well as lost during the winter time through our windows. For this reason, window coverings are a vital part of combating your house's ability to remain energy efficient in either extremes that the weather can bring. Installing a Cellular Blind in your home will improve your insulation dramatically as the unique honeycomb structure traps heat during summer and prevents heat loss during winter.

Available in a number of fresh and modern colours, the cellular range also has option of a 100% child safety proof cordless blind - this comes in single cell light filtering, blockout or top-down bottom-up styles.

All our Cellular Blinds are manufactured with matching headrail, cord, tassel and bottomrail.

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Cleaning and care

To keep them cleans on a daily basis, run a feather duster lightly over the cloth surface. If you have a vacuum, use the brush attachment and without using any pressure, sweep both front and back sides of the blind panel.

To spot clean any stains or stubborn dirt, gently dab a soft cloth that has been dampened with a very weak mixture of water and dishwashing soap. Once the stain has lifted, gently dab again with a soft cloth dampened with clear water and then once more with a dry cloth to absorb as much moisture as possible.

Child Saftey

To reduce any accidents and to ensure child safety, all cords should be kept out of the way of children. All corded blinds come with a clear cleat, which must be installed to ensure that there is no strangulation hazard. The cordless cellular range can provide peace of mind and 100% child safety.

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